Wednesday, April 12, 2000

311's Nick Hexum Reflects On The Big 3-0

Today is not just any old Wednesday for 311 frontman Nick Hexum. April 12 is Nicholas Hexum's birthday and this year marks a milestone for the singer as he turns 30 years old.

Hexum, whose band 311 released its fifth studio album, "Soundsystem," in October 1999, feels pretty good about where he is after three decades on this planet Earth. In a recent interview with the MTV Radio Network, the singer reflected on all that he has accomplished.

"I've packed so much into these 30 years," Hexum began. "Already I feel like really, rightfully, I should be about 60 for how much I've already experienced. I've always kind of had a feeling that as I got older I was going to find my voice as an artist more, and therefore, get more respect, and accomplish more of my goals."

Despite having already reached multi-platinum heights as the lead singer of 311, Hexum says he continues to look ahead.

"I don't see the past as being my glory times," he explained. "I see the future as being my glory times... and maybe I'm just fooling myself, but it works for me."

311 recently completed a spring tour with Jimmie's Chicken Shack and will head back out on the road for the summer with Incubus starting May 23rd in San Diego.

The Los Angeles-based band will also play two festivals at the end of the month; the Center City Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina on the April 28 and Edgefest in Dallas with Everclear, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Stroke 9 and more on April 29.

Monday, April 3, 2000

311 dazzles fans with funk reggae show (Deseret News)

311 with JIMMIE'S CHICKEN SHACK at Saltair, April 1; one performance only.

Not even eight months ago, 311 rocked Salt Lake City with an energetic and intimate show at Club DV8. Well, the funk/reggae/rock band took a larger audience to the brink when it made a stop at Saltair Saturday night.The 3,200 music fans waited patiently for the lights to dim, and once they did, it all went down with contagious energy, rocking tunes and a dazzling light show.

Guitarist Timothy J. Mahoney, DJ/vocalist S.A. Martinez, vocalist Nick Hexum, drummer Chad Sexton and bassist P-Nut -- collectively known as 311 -- opened their set with the chewy rumble of "Freeze Time," from the new album "Soundsystem."

Up next was "Freak Out," which was followed at some point by "Come Original."

Mahoney's guitar cut cleanly through the mix as Hexum's vocals rode the crest of P-Nut's and Sexton's percussive lines. Martinez, when he wasn't scratching off funky cuts on the turntables, was out in front bobbing and chatting.

New tunes such as "Large In the Margin" and the cosmic "Flowing" were mixed with older tunes as "Omaha Stylee and "Light Years." The ultimate crowd-pleasers, however, were earlier cuts -- "Down" and the reggae splattered "All Mixed Up."

Another nice surprise was the smoking "Who's Got the Herb?"

Throughout the evening, colored stage lights highlighted the band with pink, yellow, green and blue hues. And during the musically intense segments -- such as Hexum's drum solo -- the lights went into super speed-strobe mode.

Jimmie's Chicken Shack riled up the audience with its eclectic form of funk-rock.

The band -- vocalist Jimi Haha, bassist Che' Lemon, guitar Double D and drummer Sipple -- cranked out such romps as "Let's Get Flat," "Trash," "Lazy Boy Dash" and a righteous remake of Nine Inch Nails' "Sanctified."

There was a time when Jimmie's Chicken Shack's set lacked a bit of luster, but once Haha started chanting the chorus for "Let's Get Flat" (". . .Everything I knew was just a lie. . ."), he and the audience got the excitement back on top.

The combination of 311 and Jimmie's Chicken Shack brought a throng of excited mosh-hungry fans to the forefront Saturday. And there's no doubt when 311 returns to Saltair on June 2, the fans will be there waiting to bounce to the beats.