Thursday, September 4, 1997

311 - One of the Best (Observer-Reporter)

When I opened up the O-R on Friday, I was pleased to see a review of Wednesday's 311 concert. My happiness soon faded as I read the article.

First, what does fashion sense of the concertgoers have to do with anything? And while we're talking fashion, Nick Hexum did not come out bare-chested. He came out in a green shirt.

Jeff Yoders then goes on to say that 311 and De La Soul put on strong shows, but then by the end of the review, says just the opposite. Niw I have been to many concerts with more mellow music than 311, and have seen worse mosh pits than Wednesday's.

311 did not play a few of their hits, they played all of them, including "All Mixed Up," "Don't Stay Home," "Homebrew," and "Do You Right." Yoders said that 311's set dragged in the middle, but was regained when they played "Transistor." If I remember correctly, "Transistor" was the third song they played.

In his final paragraphs, he makes reference to the bands trying to act like rebels. Who are they "rebelling" against? 311 advocates the legalization of marajuana. So does Jani Lane of Warrant. (I also attended an Alice Cooper concert. How's that for being a sheep?) Yoders didn't make a point of saying Warrant were trying to act like rebels against something.

Yoder was right about something, kids would be moshing if 311 played Frank Sinatra songs, because if 311 was playing them, you can guarantee that they would rock. His comments about "alternative" albums that aren't really alternative and sell 20 million copies is irrelevant. First, everyone knows that. It all ended with Nirvana. Second, I don't think all five of the 311 albums sold a combined total of 20 million copies.

"Audiences for this type of show are made up of sheep totally devoid of indiviuality." What does this mean? What is "this type of show?" Wasn't he there? I may be dreaming, but I saw a huge variety of people from hippies to real punks, from parents to little kids. I don't know how old Yoders is, but I am 16 years old. You cannot look at someone and decide that they are a drone who will follow anyone and be just a 311 toady. Just because two kids look the same, obviously doesn't mean they ARE the same.

"311 has obviously been listening to record company's orders and placed ticket sells over quality for it's live show." I couldn't disagree more. Bassist P-Nut was interviewed and said that 311 wanted to keep their ticket prices down for this tour. They can't help that Ticketmaster slaps on a $4 service charge on the $20 ticket price. I highly doubt that 311 are concerned with ticket sales. I have been to a lot of concerts, which reflect my variety of musical tastes. 311 was the most energetic, and one of the best concerts I have attended. There was no downtime, because 311 doesn't have slow songs. Just because they don't have giant lemons like U2 doesn't mean the quality of their live show has been comprised in any way. 311 left the stage with as much energy as they came on with.

Nick Hexum didn't say that people were throwing cheese at him, he said people were throwing shoes at him. Why does Yoders think that he's been pushing cheese at us?