Friday, January 24, 1997

Artist of the Month (Guitar World, 1997)‏

Artists Of The Month: P-Nut Of 311

Beak (B)- What's the funniest joke you ever heard?

P-nut: Oh God. I couldn't repeat it, just because my memory's
horrible, but it definitely came from my father. He's one of the
funniest guys I ever met.

B: What's your favorite color?

P: Purple. It's actually the contrast between purple and green.
That's my favorite color. I actually have two.

B: Boxers or briefs?

P: Briefs!

B: If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you
want to have?

P: Um, my, my girlfriend and my stereo, of course. With a
CD collection, real important thing.

B: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

P: Favorite cartoon as a kid... I hate to say it 'cause it's such an
easy answer, but it was Bugs Bunny. Such a classic y'know? Can't go
wrong with it either.

B: What's your favorite kind of weather?

P: My favorite kind of weather is San Francisco weather. I guarantee
that. I love it here. I like the way it rains, I like the way it's
cold. It's too hot in L.A. I'm gonna move north, definitely.

B: Do you have any pets?

P: Yeah, I have a year old South American iguana. That is the
coolest creature I have ever lived with.

B: What is it's name?

P: Her name is Orbit, and she's gonna get five feet long...

B: Wow!

P: And I'm gonna make sure she does it/

B: Do you ever get a jingle stuck in your head?

P: Oh God...

B: If so, like, which one?

P: Man, I've been gettin', and I don't, I don't hate to say it, but it is kind of, it is kind of, whatever, but I always get the No Doubt, the new No Doubt song, God, it's so, it's so catchy that it just stays with me.

B: What's your favorite name?

P: Um... Between my two names? Or my...

B: Any name...

P: My favorite name all together...

B: In the world.

P: Hmm...

B: What's the coolest name you've ever heard?

P: Um, Archibald... is a good name.

B: Can we have Chad's phone number?

P: No.

B: Ok.

P: No, sorry.

B: Ok.

P: I would if I could!

B: That's ok.

P: He'd get mad