Tuesday, January 12, 1999

311 Online Chat

Question from guest612:
What's everyone's favorite movie?
311host says, "Nick, Fargo...Chad, 2001...P-Nut, Clockwork Orange...
Tim, 3 O'Clock High...and SA, Timothy Leary is Dead."
Question from Cnugget23:
Were you influenced by Frank Black and the Pixies?
311host says, "Yes"
Question from 976-Launderings:
P-Nut, Where did you get your nickname from?
311host says, "A friend, my head shape and a combination thereof"
Question from UL_Mikes2cool:
What ever happened to the song "Turn Yourself Around?"
311host says, "Thats actually not the name of the song. Some bootlegger mislabeled it. We're pretty sure it's a reference to Strive not Sink"
Question from WiCKeD82:
Who were your major influences and why? Also, do you feel there are any bands out there trying to rip off your style?
311host says, "I think that we are each others biggest influences. We really feed off each other's ideas and energy. We like to hear other bands making styles similar to us...if its good!"
Question from Cameraop:
Are there any authors you keep up with?
311host says, "P-Nut, Robert Anton Wilson. SA, Terrence McKenna:
Question from ami08:
What cultures do you find most interesting?
311host says, "We find Japanese and Jamaican cultures interesting."
Question from 976-Launderings:
Nick, what kind of music did you mostly listen to in High School?
311host says, "Nick, mostly punk and the Smiths."
Question from StoneyBaby:
Nick are you planning on collaborating with Zack Hexum on any future albums?
311host says, "Nope, no plans right now. Zack plays jazz and has
his own thing going. I helped him out on the business side. He is doing his own music."
Question from nelsonchick:
Any of you attend college, and if so, did any of you finish? Wish you
could go back?
311host says, "P-Nut never went to college and the rest of us are college drop-outs. Education is great , but we're continuing in a non school setting.We are continuing on our own as far as learning about life and music."
Question from jaysonUL:
Are there any plans to whip out some of the old Omaha Sessions tunes while you are on tour?
Omaha tunes are possible, but no calculated plans have been made."
Question from Hydroponic:
Chad, have you been experimenting with any new types of percussion?
311host says, "Nope"
Question from Tripina5:
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
311host says, "P-Nut, Rockin' and Livin'!!"
Question from ULkrissy:
What other jobs did you guys have before you got into music?
311host says, "Nick was a waiter, Chad worked at a musical instrument store, Tim worked at a record store, SA was a paper boy and a roofer and P-nut was a dish washer for one week."
Question from ULSlinky311:
What are your best memories of high school?
311host says, "Memories??...hazy and cloudy."
Question from Slinky:
Will you guys re-release Unity and Dammit?
311host says, "We kinda did on a cd called Omaha Sessions that is
available on our website. www.311music.com"
Question from cosmicgirl:
Who are your major role models?
311host says, "P-nut says Momma!, Nick says my Grampa."
Question from nelsonchick:
Once and for all, What does 311 stand for?
311host says, "5 friends from Nebraska making music."
Question from Holly311:
Any pet peeves?
311host says, "Yes, our pets peeing."
Question from cosmicgirl:
What other parts of the world are your favorites to VISIT?
311host says, "Chad's is Hawaii. Japan and Australia for the rest of
Question from Neil:
Who are you planning to tour with?
311host says, "No plans yet."
Question from ULxSAdances:
Was the song "Tribute" written for anybody in particular?
311host says, "Nope"
Question from ULSlinky311:
SA, I know that you're very interested in art, who is your favorite?
311host says, "My current favorite is Ron English."
Question from UL_Mikes2cool:
Is "Rollin" a true story?
311host says, "Yes, Rollin' is a true story."
Question from guest612:
How is 311's new material different from the earlier stuff?
311host says, "It's just another progression."
Question from Brian311:
Is "Slinky" about a particular girl?
311host says, "No, that song refers to a couple of different girls."
Question from Hydroponic:
Are you guys good friends with the 2 Skinnee J's?
311host says, "Yeah we dig those guys and we share the same record label".
What is your favorite flower?
311host says, "Cannibus Indica and the Lotus flower, a beautiful bloom in the dark, murky waters."
What are your favorite foods?
311host says, "Tim, soup. SA, rice crispy treats. Chad, LaCasa Pizza, Nick, Sushi"