October 2 [14:00 EDT] -- There are at least a few artists out there that Puff Daddy hasn't worked with, but it's not for lack of trying.
Our colleagues at the MTV Radio Network report that 311 frontman Nick Hexum says he was approached to work with the hip-hop titan on a remix of "All About The Benjamins."
MTV Radio says that Hexum posted a message in the "311 Fans" folder in America Online saying that Puffy wanted Hexum to add a rap to the rock remix of the track (which features head Foo Fighter Dave Grohl and ex-Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson).
In the post, Hexum writes, "We said we would only be involved if we could sing our own verse about 'it ain't about the benjamins, it's about the friends I'm in.' Or perhaps, 'to some sad people, it's all about the benjamins.'"
Apparently Hexum's suggestion didn't fly, as Hexum does not turn up on the track.
Hexum and his 311 bandmates won't turn up in Europe in the near future either. The band had to shelve six dates in Europe to give guitarist Tim Mahoney two weeks to recuperate form a hernia operation. The procedure took place earlier this week, and the band's upcoming U.S. tour (and their stop at the MTV Sports and Music Festival in Austin, Texas) will not be affected.
The group will be on the road in the U.S. through the end of the year, and then heads off to Australia for the Warped tour, but hopes to reschedule the European dates sometime in 1998.